Mariposa 49ers

      a GPAA chapter


Have you ever wanted to learn how to find gold?

Or  maybe you are an old timer looking for a few prospecting friends. No

matter what your experience level is, Mariposa 49ers can offer you what

you are looking for. We are a chapter of the GPAA and it is FREE to join.

Best of all.... You get to keep all the gold you find. We meet on the 2nd

Friday of every month at the Miner's Roadhouse (Miner's Inn

Restaurant) in Mariposa at 6:30. (see our map link) We look forward to

meeting you and as always, may the gold be with you.





Mission Statement


The mission of the Mariposa 49ers gold prospectors’ club is to:

·       Further the advancement of gold prospecting and treasure hunting

while adhering to all environmental and mining laws;


·       Promote fellowship between members and their families in a safe,

fulfilling, and enriching environment;


·       Increase public awareness of our activities and invite participation;


·       Develop teachers and mentors in prospecting activities; and


·       Protect our right to continue such activities in the future, thereby

guaranteeing the traditions of heritage passed on to us by our

forefathers, and ensuring the right to the continued use of our 

country’s natural resources.



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Although you do not need to be a member of the GPAA we do recommend it. For further information see their website.

Please use our code:












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